A Heart for Skateboarding

Skateboarding means different things to many different people. For a skateboarder, it simply means freedom, total and complete freedom. It is hard to explain. You need a poet to do it justice. Words can hardly describe that sense of absolute creative freedom that skateboarding engenders nor its ability to fill the heart of the youth with the passion and determination to conquer the world around them.

The way skateboarders see the world is very different. A handrail or concrete drainage ditch are not just a handrail or a drainage ditch, but a canvas upon which you can draw lines with your skateboards, a canvas that screams at you and demands the best that your creativity can offer. The only limitation is your imagination and that’s what makes skateboarders so different. They can see beauty in the ordinary and approach with the heart of a poet.

Skateboarding ability to ignite the imagination and instigate the endurance and determination required to meet her demands is uniquely powerful. It is a simple and unadulterated love that challenges you to push your limits and forces to keep trying even after exhaustion has set in but that also rewards with the ultimate rush of accomplishment when you land it.

It is this love and shared passion for skateboarding that begets such strong fellowship amongst skateboarders. It is a common language that transcends cultures and social differences. It does not care who you are or where are you from. It does not even care what is it that you are trying only that, shared love and passion, the blood and sweat that put into it that unites you with those around you in the pursue of the ultimate freedom.

Thank you skateboarding!

Note: I wrote this in honor of Go Skateboarding Day, June 21. If you want to explore a bit more about the transforming power of skateboarding I invited you to watch the above documentary about skateboarding and to visit these websites:

Johnny Romano Story and Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation.

Skateistan a website about girls skateboarding in Afghanistan.

3 thoughts on “A Heart for Skateboarding”

  1. Go skateboarding, down the hill
    feel gravity pull you through the turn
    Go skateboarding, tires squeal
    smell smoke as the rubber burns
    Go skateboarding, grind the axle
    hear the metal shriek down the rail
    Go skateboarding, heart races
    taste your sweat as you exhale
    Go skateboarding, free as bird
    see yourself soar above the ground
    Go skateboarding, feel the power
    know nothing can bring to down
    Go skateboarding, not just for fun
    This isn’t some silly game
    Go skateboarding, to feel alive
    Your senses will never be the same

    Poem by: Pasqual Torres

    At age four I rode my brother’s skateboard and I knew I had to have one also. So I begged my father and by my birthday next year he gave me one. It was a freedom like nothing else, it wasn’t just a toy, it was transportation. I could go farther and faster then ever before and never felt left behind. My brother went through the Vison T-shirts, long bangs, Air walks and Thrasher magazine but when he got a car he left that hobby behind. And while I don’t launch off ramps or stairs anymore, I’m still a life-time skater. Take care my friend.

    1. I am impressed! This is a great line:

      Go skateboarding, to feel alive
      Your senses will never be the same


      By the way I reserved the right to repost that poem and give you props!!!


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