Ben Breedlove

From time to time God raises people whom life points straight back at His love. A while back I found one of those who outlook on life even on the face of death gave witness to that hope in Christ that is in all of us…

I don’t know Ben or his family; just like 8 million other people I watched his video on YouTube and I was inspired. He suffered from Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a debilitating heart condition that can be life threatening. In his video he talks about his heart condition and how he cheated death a few times. What really impressed me were the hope, peace and tranquility that he conveyed his message. That life is beautiful, that death is not the end. Although he passed away he left behind his example of hope and courage.

I wrote these verses shortly after I watched his video.

Ben Breedlove

A wall-less room
bright as the Sun.

Timeless innocence
waiting on my smile.

A reflection approaches
gentle and loving.

Peaceful solitude
reflecting on my life,

all my falls
lessons learned.

Familiar memories,

aloof and youthful
as they are nervous and painful.

After a long race…
open arms are waiting

in a bright room
peaceful and innocent.



I also believe in angels and God.

God Bless!

3 thoughts on “Ben Breedlove”

    1. I cannot tell you how much his story moved me…the child like simplicity of his faith is something that we all most learn and never forget. We are but children holding on to God’s hands and his story reminded me of that truth. I am glad that I was able to spot light such a great story.

      Thank you!

  1. I also enjoyed your other Video Caleb, about the young boy who went to Heaven and came back, amazing but True, although when we are fully dead we can’t come back but there is a passing over time when we can, Jesus referred to it as being asleep and others have also experienced this when they were physically dead and came back too, there is also Scriptural confirmation in regards to what this little boy shared about his Sisters being in Heaven.

    Thanks again Caleb Christian Love – Anne

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