This is a very inspiring introspective about love, life and happiness:

Lance Childers

                This is a fundamental question that people have been asking since the birth of humanity.  Personally, I’m a grandson, son, nephew, brother, uncle, friend, skateboarder, photographer, videographer, nostalgic memory-dweller, American, Texan, Houstonian, fan of music, eagle scout, high school graduate, college graduate, employee, social media user, (new) blogger, renter, commuter, consumer, and human being.

                These are all the things that make up my everyday life, and add to the flavor, experience, and joy of my life.  However, these attributes should not define me.  I use the word “should” because sometimes I perceive these attributes as “myself”.  I wrongly perceive myself as existing within the parameters of these activities and qualities.  This can lead to a rampant sense of insecurity.  Essentially, I become a slave to the very luxuries of life and roles that I partake in.  If I don’t take a picture, record…

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