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One of the great things about blogging is that you get to be part of a great community and discover many great blogs. One of the best blog I have come across about being a follower of Christ through every day experience is Age of Discernment. I honestly can’t hardly wait to see what this self describe “Devout Catholic; craft beer snob; cycling connoisseur; disposable-lighter repairman” has install with each post. Finally I could not help myself but I had to reblog this post that tells you so much about out Faith as Catholic Christians and all the misconception that people have about the Catholic Church.



The Age of Discernment

I don’t have social media of any kind, save for this account on WordPress.  There are times I feel “disconnected” or slightly “behind the times” because I find out about breaking news the next morning, rather than the second it happens.  I have saved myself the stress of being up-to-date on every detail of acquaintances’ personal lives, personal opinions, personal problems, or personalities.  Despite this, the sheer number of articles and personal opinions I have seen on suicides, mental illness, and anything else surrounding the Robin Williams tragedy, proves what a frenzy this has created; seeing as this rock I am living under keeps me guarded from most frenzies.  Furthermore, it proves that we, as humans, long to know that there is a life after this, and there is Mercy waiting at the door.

In my internet perusing, I came across and article from a woman who stated forthrightly that she is a “selective Catholic”:…

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