Versatile Blogger Award


I was never quite sure what to think about awards. I have always felt shy about such things like awards. That is not to say that I am against awards. On the contrary, I think they are an exercise in charity and justice. It is charity because it is an act of love and encouragement and justice because it is predicated in humility and truth. Then why do I feel so shy about awards? Is it because it can be an invitation towards vanity? I hope I am better than that! I guess it has more to do with the understanding that no work is done alone. That anything we do is because someone moved us or inspired us to do it. So that in celebrating our own accomplishment we are also celebrating the accomplishments of those who pointed the way for us.

Having said all that I will like to thanks Age of Discernment for nominating my blog for a Versatile Blogger Award. Age of Discernment is one of my favorite blog and one of the best Catholic blog that I read. Its whimsical honesty, love for Christ and the Church He founded and commentaries about life, work and family feels me not only with hope but also inspires me to be a better Christian. Thank you Richard!

These are 7 shocking facts about me:

1. Trust me, I am the Doctor…not really I am a doctor.

2. I skateboard almost everyday.

3. I truly believe that wine is the finest invention in human history. Take that Pascal!

4. I think bow ties are cool.

5. Time can be relative and thereby I never have enough of it.

6. Sir William Stephenson inspired the name for this blog.

7. I aspire to grow in holiness and love for Christ everyday but most days I keep falling short.

And here are my nominations:

Journey Towards Easter

Discovering the beauty of truth…do I need to say anything else?

Lance Childers

Thoughts about photography, videos and everything in between.

Frontier Ruminations

Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains pondering life…can anyone hear the banjos in the backdrop.  Another great and versatile site about Catholic Apologetics.

J.W. Wartic-“Always Have a Reason”

Great book reviews written and Christian apologetics from an evangelical  point of view.


A blog from a loving Christian from Down Under!

3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. P.S. Tried to reply to your mail, but got on of those ‘delivery status failure’ notices. Anyway, the gist of my reply was thanks again, and also I don’t really know how these things work, so if I need to do anything, do let me know.

  2. Thank you Caleb, you are very much a man of worth, we are thankful and appreciate your kindness in thinking of us even though we already have this Award but how good that you received it now too and your uplifting encouragement that you share with others when you Blog shows you deserve this Award and many others, it is good to encourage as long as we are genuine and you are. Remember your always welcome to be our guest in Aussie Land, I sometimes need a Doctor!

    I have an Award for you too Caleb but it’s different, there are no rules, it’s more like a blessing, I will leave you the link….

    Family Award –

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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