Top 10 Movies for Lent Part I (10 to 5)

We are entering Lent at full altitude now that we are closely approaching the third Sunday of Lent. One of my pet peeve is to find redemptive Christian qualities around me, especially in movies. So I decided to come up with my Top 10 movies to watch during Lent.

Some of the movies that made my list are not necessarily overtly Christian but that does not mean that they aren’t Christian films. I rather think that what make a film a Christian film is its subject matter and its resolution. The list is not an exhaustive list of movies since is restricted to the limited number of films that I have watched.

10. Gran Torino

This is Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece about redemption that showcase one of the best Christ like figure in modern cinema. I was hesitant to include this movie on this list, since it’s crude language but it is not gratuitous but rather serve the plot of the story.

9. Locke

This is Tom Hardy best role to date. This is an engaging account of a man trying to make things right and the consequence of his past sin in his life. I was mesmerized by the brilliance of its screenplay.

8. Up

This is Pixar’s fantastic movie about marriage, family, and old age. What I love about this movie is its portrayal of love and marriage and its reverence to old age.

7. The Kid with a Bike

This is another gem from the Dardenne brothers. The story centers on a kid who is longing for his absent father. It does a great job at showing the value of fatherhood and the consequences of its absence in the life of a young boy.

6. The Mission

Considered by some to be an anti-religious movie an odd statement given that it made the Vatican top list for religious movies. For a great review at visit:

What do you think…any favorite movie that should be included in the top 5?

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Movies for Lent Part I (10 to 5)”

  1. I have watched every one of these.I hesitate to list them all but they are wonderful!!!! God is Not Dead, Courageous, Fireproof, The Blind Side,
    Facing the Giants, TheGifted Hands(Story of Ben Carson),Chariots of fire, The Hiding Place, Passion of the Christ, Ten Commandments, No GreaterLove, Letters to God, Flag of my Father, Ben Hur, Prince of Egypt(animated), The Robe, One Night with the King, Chronicles of Narnia, Amish Grace, The Christmas Box. There are many more but these are the top ones I’d recommend. You’re about the language and the message of Gran Torino. I’d love to know if you get to watch any of these.

    1. I forgot about the Blind Side, thank you for bringing this great movie to mind. I really like it! What a story! I have also seen:

      God is not Dead
      The Robe
      Ben Hur
      Chronicles of Narnia
      The Passion of Christ (is on my top 5)
      Prince of Egypt
      Chariots of Fire (Awesome movie)

      I really like Chronicles of Narnia but I had some issues with some the dialogue that they attribute to Aslam…but other than that it was a great movie.

      God is not Dead was ok. I did enjoy it but it felt that the whole movie was preaching to the choir…and play to hard on the stereotypes of atheist. However I still love when they say: God is Good throughout the whole movie.

      Chariots of Fire is just a classic and yes you are very perceptive it does have a profound Christian message…I which I had discuss this with you before I hastily put up my so amateurish list!!!

      Ten Commandments…Charlton Heston…well what can I say!

      I heard great things about Courageous and Fireproof but I haven’t seen them. I am curious about The Hiding Place, No Greater Love, Letters to God, Christmas Box, One Night with the King and Amish Grace. I will have to check them out.

      There some others that I probably seen but I can’t remember….I though about putting up a list that include a nice sample from recent movies and old movies.

      My top 5 list are more of mediation type of movies…probably most people haven’t heard from them except the Passion of the Christ, which I think is the greatest movie ever made!

      Yes…I was very hesitant to include Gran Torino but its imagery of this old man finding redemption by helping this young kid is something else.

      Thanks for visiting!

      1. Last one,I promise.Corrie and Betsie ten Boom are middle-aged sisters working in their father’s watchmaker shop in pre-WWII Holland. Their uneventful lives are disrupted with the coming of the Nazis. Suspected of hiding Jews & caught breaking rationing rules, they are sent to a concentration camp, where their Christian faith keeps them from despair and bitterness. Betsie eventually dies, but Corrie survives, and after the war, must learn to love and forgive her former captors.

        Facing the Giants- a Christian football story

      2. WOW thats one that right up my alley…WWII and faith! I will check it out. I heard lots of great things about Facing Giants but I haven’t seen it…talking with you make me realize how deficient my list is…I will get to the top five probably next week…My Netflix queue is growing!!!

      3. BOB AND i LOVE MOVIES!!! I hope you really enjoy them .I thought of one more but in the light of ISIS it might be appropriate. It’s Schindler’s List. I wept in that movie! My reading queue is growing. I just got The Harbinger, Four Blood Moons(Christian Prophesy) by John Hagy, and A.D. 30 (historical fiction) . ttyl Blessings!

      4. Thanks for the suggestions. I also love reading but hardly find time to do so…I mostly read historical books. Yes…Schindler’s list is an amazing movie and I think I had it in my mind as one of my top 5. Every kid in HS should see this movie. One a side note about ISIS I have on my bookshelf in my queue for reading a book by Robert Spencer called Sword Not Peace…is about our misconception of Islam as a religion of peace. So many books to read and so little time!

  2. I was wondering if you have read the series of theLeft Behind saga. I read all of them.Although they are definitely fiction because no man knows hoe therapture will occur. It is fascinating how the authors perception of it plays out. I thought it was one of the best book series I’ve ever read. The newest version of the movie from the 1st book in the series with Nicholas Cage is very good and leads to much thought provoking discussion and self soul searching!

    1. I am somewhat familiar with the Left Behind series but I haven’t read the book or seen any of the movies. I completely agree with you that no one knows the day or the hour but I guess it makes for fun theological speculation how the Second coming may look like!

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