Mental Sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion by Cardinal John Henry Newman

EVERY passage in the history of our Lord and Saviour is of unfathomable depth, and affords inexhaustible matter of contemplation. All that concerns Him is infinite, and what we first discern is but the surface of that which begins and ends in eternity. It would be presumptuous for any one short of saints and doctors to attempt to comment on His words and deeds, except in the way of meditation; but meditation and mental prayer are so much a duty in all who wish to cherish true faith and love towards Him, that it may be allowed us, my brethren, under the guidance of holy men who have gone before us, to dwell and enlarge upon what otherwise would more fitly be adored than scrutinised. And certain times of the year, this especially, call upon us to consider, as closely and minutely as we can, even the more sacred portions of the Gospel history. I would rather be thought feeble or officious in my treatment of them, than wanting to the Season; and so I now proceed because the religious usage of the Church requires it, and though any individual preacher may well shrink from it, to direct your thoughts to a subject, especially suitable now, and about which many of us perhaps think very little, the sufferings which our Lord endured in His innocent and sinless soul.

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4 thoughts on “Mental Sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion by Cardinal John Henry Newman”

  1. I have to admit this was a difficult and long read. However, the truths he spoke of were compelling enough to continue and finish reading. For the hurt of the heart of Christ I am eternally and humbly grateful.

    1. I know it is such a difficult thing to contemplate what He did for us…but it does bring things into perspective. He did all that for you and just for you! Infinite goodness and infinite love hung on the Cross for us…we could medicate for an eternity and barely scratch the surface. It is a difficult read but we always do good to remember that there is no resurrection without the Cross and yet we are all Easter people! We can always rejoice because he defeated death and open the heavens for humanity!

      Thank you for reading. Blessed Cardinal Newman is an amazing story of Faith and deep deep love for Christ. His Apologia is one of the greatest “modern” apologetics books.

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