When Does A Human Life Begin?

According to the CDC there ” a total of 730,322 abortions were  reported to CDC for 2011” in the US alone.  Thats about 2,000 babies aborted every day.  That is about 7X the number of death per day that American troops suffered during during WWII. Yet our society goes about daily life convinced that abortion is a right and not the death of a human being, oblivious of the fact that without the right to life there can’t be any other right.

Please let love win, choose life!

5 thoughts on “When Does A Human Life Begin?”

  1. I so agree! There are so many famous gifted people whose mother considered abortion. What a loss to the world. I’m afraid our country is going to be judged by the blood of so many innocent babies on our hands.

    1. How many surgeons, artists, engineers, athletes, nurses, writers, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, explorers, baristas, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers have we lost? Is not just the child that we lost through abortion is all his and her potential that we are just denying…Fear and confusion fueled by lies of our throw away culture are the driving force pushing abortion. Thus, prayer, trust in God and truth are the antidote against such a dark veil that denies the dignity of human life.

      Thank you for comment! Never seize to pray, God has away of turning our smallness and nothingness into great things!

    1. Hey Mitch…what an awesome challenge! Thank you for the nomination… I really appreciate it. As you may imagined it has been incredibly challenging keeping up to date with my blog and those of my friends (yours included!)…I only have been posting videos or links. I hope to resume shortly…and catch up with all my friends.
      Fortunately I did not scroll down far enough to know whats the topic is…so if you don’t mind can saved it for when I have time? I think it will be really cool to do it. Once again thank you so much for the nomination!



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