Amsterdam Canal 1

Hues of colors playing far away
defying darkness

as they fiercely proclaim
the approaching dawn…

Curious and vibrant

bouncing through fields
with fierce authority

as natures bows
and stain glasses

come alive.

Awaken from their slumber
stories of heroic virtues…

as if suddenly recalling
memories of a fading faith.

Peaceful and innocent

ready to remind the world
the beauty of life.

Lest you not forget!

When the spring blooms
traveled through your

handcrafted canals
out to paint the world!


9 thoughts on “Amsterdam”

    1. Thank you so much! It is happy coincidence that you found my blog because I am very much enjoying your poetry.

      One day I will ruminate about the constant struggle every time I post a free verse (yes is not real poetry) because I am always wondering if I fool myself thinking that it is actually something that someone might enjoy reading!


      1. No problem at all.

        Haha, doubt is just part and parcel of the process, I go through the exact same. Convincing myself to post something I wrote is the hardest part lol

    1. Thank you!!! I really appreciate it. I wrote a series of small free verses about five different European cities. I though about traveling through these cities through a whole day…

      I wrote Amsterdam thinking of a time when I visited St. Nicholas Cathedral. It is a beautiful Christian church just a few blocks away from the Red Light district. The contract couldn’t be more poignant. That exactly what we should be a light of truth, beauty and good in the middle of the false promises, ugliness and selfishness of this world.

      It has always strike me how such a continent so devoted to Christ now is a post Christian continent. We need to pray to re-evangelize Europe!!!



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