13 thoughts on “True Love”

  1. I don’t accept my comments being ignored Caleb, it’s rudeness, you have done this before, how would you like others to do it to you.

    I will move on, but I wish you the best and hope you find God’s Truth and not continue to Trust in Man’s own wisdom, logic and reasoning.

    Blessings – Anne.

    1. I sincerely have no idea what are you referring to Anne…You only have one comment here and it reads:

      “Very True Caleb, True Love gives all”.

      Should I had to respond to this encouraging and loving comment…and second I don’t think I have ever ignored your comments. So please in charity clarify.


  2. Yes Caleb, just like you did the other comments you should have responded to my comment too but like others who are in error instead of apologizing and correcting it, you justify your error, ignore it or try to make it fit and this is with wrong Doctrine too.

    In regards to my Comments would you like me to leave the links of the others times you have ignored them but answered other Bloggers comments?

    Take Care Caleb – Anne.

    1. Dear Anne,

      I am truly baffled at your reaction. I think it was unwarranted and lacking in charity in both its tone and the fact that it presupposed malice on my part. Given that this is a constant “modus operandi” of yours I have no interest in engaging in an argument with you.



      1. It is True Caleb I do share God’s Truth as confirmed in Scripture including correction when needed as He asks us to do and yes it is not always appreciated or accepted by those who have been taught error or Trust in their own wisdom, logic and reasoning instead of God’s but I make no apology for doing this because my motivation is Love, believing in error is dangerous and can give Satan a foothold.

        Take Care – Anne.

  3. Dear Anne,

    Over time I have grown very fond of you but to be honest sometimes I have a terrible hard time understanding you. Are you referring to the comment you left on my post January 30 “True Love”? It reads:

    Very True Caleb, True Love gives all.

    Christian Love – Anne

    If so, I am sorry for failing to respond. I thought it was a nice comment from your part but one that was understood that didn’t required a respond.

    If not, could you please clarify which comment are you referring to and from which post (either from your blog or from mine)? This will be a great starting point to clarify your concern.



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