2 thoughts on “The Noble Dreams of Fathers”

  1. Hi Caleb, it’s good to see you Posting again, I hope your work is going well and your taking time to rest and enjoy God’s gifts of Love in your life.

    When I read about the lives of others it uplifts me greatly when I see their focus is to Glorify God in all things, when we lift Him up we are greatly blessed and if our lives show He has also blessed us in Miraculous ways, than it is for Him that we share them and when we do other peoples lives as well as our own are touched with continuing Love, Faith and Hope.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

    1. Amen! There is something about sharing our Christian friends with each other that helps us grow in faith. I think it is love!

      I am still very busy and hoping that I can get back to my blog but things keep coming up. So I only log in once in a while and if I have a little bit of time post something rather hastily!

      I hope I can catch up with your blog soon. Tonight I just wanted to post a poem by GK Chesterton celebrating the victory at the battle of Lepanto against the muslim invasion.

      I just wanted to know that I am keeping you and Ron in my prayers as my especial friends from down under! Hope all is well.

      Big hug,


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