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The lost of generations

Dreams that will never be dreamt
Inventions that will never be created
Classics that will never be read
Art that will never be admired
Music that will never be composed or played
Histories that will never be written
Joys and sufferings that will never be experienced
Thoughts and voices that forever will be lost and silenced

Generations lost.

Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandfathers, grandmothers, cousins, nephews, lovers and friends that will never be…

All because their life was ended before they were born.


I had no right

I had no right.

But  words kept coming like ghosts creeping from shadows past.

Shifting thoughts shuffling through words
all wasted in a swift breath.

There is no right way to break a heart.

You try to hide the weight of thoughts in your eyes
but they can’t lie, for I have seen them cry.

If only I could…

But there is no time to waste
Youth is watching you pass by

In time Truth will heal.


Sweet Hope (An Advent Reflection)

O sweet Night!

How the prophets wished
to hold you still.

O sweet Virgil!

Hope of hopes let your face
shine upon us.

O sweet Night!

Make way for the boy King
and let the heavens declare:

Divinity has kissed the Earth!

O sweet Virgil!

Let that joyful cry
proclaim for all eternity,



Dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary today December 8.

For a great article by Journey towards Easter, about the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary please read:

The Root of Jesse and the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady

Still a Small Voice

You yearned for fulfillment

but there is no meaning
in the light of your eyes

just thoughts whispered in the sand.

For you ripped apart the law written in your heart
and made for yourself an idol

out of your own desires.

You grew weary and pretended
that everything is alright

closing your mind ever so deeply
to the storm stirring in your heart.

A feeling you can’t loose.
A yearning you can’t ignore.

For you never felt at home in the muck.

Still a small voice that whispers
into your heart:

You were made for more.

A small voice that trembles
through your bones

Tear down all you got.

For you are not the sums
of your failures…

but the sum the Father’ love for you*.


*Authors note: The last two verses are straight from Saint John Paul II 17th World Youth Day homily. A moving exhortation to today’s youth facing what Pope Benedict XVI called the dictatorship of relativism embedded in today’s culture.

The Son

The Son

Men leading their son
to the everlasting hills…

Christening in their hearts
an indelible mark

Of how to be a man!

Rocking oldfangled cigars
racing against time.

In a minute, it will be to late,

for the sun rises swiftly
in young man’s eyes.

In an instant, over time,

along all the miles hiked
models built and tales told…

of a bygone time,

when men were men
and sanity was sane

it happen.

Hands on courage!

For it is a virtuous life,
lived in front of a son’s eyes,

that makes the man!