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Charles you will be missed.

Charles Krauthammer in his own words:

“Life and consciousness are the two great mysteries. Actually, their substrates are the inanimate. And how do you get from neurons shooting around in the brain to the thought that pops up in your head and mine? There’s something deeply mysterious about that. And if you’re not struck by the mystery, I think you haven’t thought about it”.

“I was a Great Society liberal on domestic issues. People ask me, ‘How do you go from Walter Mondale to Fox News?’ The answer is, ‘I was young once.’ End of answer”.

“Chess: It’s like alcohol. It’s a drug. I have to control it, or it could overwhelm me. I have a regular Monday night game at my home, and I do play a little online”.

“Science has everything to say about what is possible. Science has nothing to say about what is permissible”.

“There is a mystique about psychiatry that people think that you have some kind of a magical lens, you know, Superman’s X-ray vision into the soul. One of the reasons I left psychiatry is that I didn’t believe that”.

“Under our constitutional system, the executive executes the laws that Congress has passed. It should not be executing laws that Congress has rejected”.

“When a party is in opposition, it opposes. That’s its job. But when it comes to power, it must govern. Easy rhetoric is over, the press of reality becomes irresistible. By necessity, it adopts some of the policies it had once denounced. And a new national consensus is born”

“I’m a former Red Sox fan, now fully rehabilitated”.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” 

Numbers 6:24-26

-God Bless you Charles

Progressive and Conservative


GK Chesterton pretty much summed up this election cycle Republican and Democratic primaries:

“The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

GK Chesterton
The American Chesterton Society

Tragedy, politicians and the media

Men are ruled, at this minute by the clock, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern.”

GK Chesterton
The New Name, Utopia of Usurers and Other Essays, 1917

The reaction to the yesterday tragic shooting was as perplexing as it was worrisome. The political class couldn’t wait to exploit the tragic events to advance their political agenda about gun control. Reckless speculation based on a preconceived notion dominated most of the commentary from our political leaders. The fact that real people lost their lives and that real people lost a loved one was relegated to a back seat in favor of the ever-important political ideology.

Is time that as a society we re-learn proper civil discourse. One thing is to have a civil and reason debate about gun control another is to exploit a tragic event without allowing the facts to emerge or get in the way of their political narrative. It is disconcerting that the immediate reaction from some on the left as well, some of the right is to view such events with ideological filters instead from the heart. Frustration and anger are honest and human responses to any tragedy, but when we look at our political leaders we don’t expect knee-jerk reactions full of overt political rhetoric instead we look at them for reassurance and leadership that invokes the best qualities in us.


The media was not far behind from the political left. The Daily News led the way by declaring in its front page:

“God Isn’t Fixing This. Pray They Wake Up: GOP prez hopefuls offer prayers, not solutions on gun control”.

The headline displays contempt for religious faith by ridiculing the offering of prayers for the victims. It’s as if the headline was saying: go pray to your imaginary man in the sky while we adults look for real solutions for gun control. The problem with this headline is that it not only misdiagnosed the problem, but also that it betrays an utter misunderstanding of Christian faith.

The problem was not lack of gun control, California already has so-called tough gun control laws the problem was Islamic terrorism. Gun control laws will not solve the problem with Islamic terrorism, it will enable it. It didn’t matter that Islamists caused the shooting. What mattered was that it was a “mass shooting” and therefore gun control laws must be enforced.

The selective ridicule of GOP candidates’ faith is astonishing and a condescending shot at people of faith. It ignores that for Christian God is the source of strength, courage and wisdom that is required to deal with such tragedy. That Christianity does not look at prayer as a magic dispensing machine of goods, but rather as an instrument for grace. Christians recognize that out of evil good always emerges. Christ on the Cross exemplifies this belief… to use political candidate’s faith as a slight against religious people is a sign of the sad state of our political discourse.

My prayers and thoughts are for those who lost their lives and their families and friends who they left behind.

The Consequences of China’s One Child Policy


The announcement of the modification of China’s One Child Policy should come as a surprise to no one but it is a welcome news and first step towards the restoration of the Chinese family.

Article: China Abandons One-Child Policy

According to Chinese officials, China one child policy has averted 400 million births since its implementation in the early 1980’s. It is argued by its defendants that the policy helped millions of Chinese citizens to move out of poverty, allowing the unprecedented growth of Chinese economy, which ironically was fueled precisely by China post revolution population growth.

What proponents of the one child policy do not like to admit are all the unintended consequences of such policy:

1. Woman’s fertility is owned by the state.

The brutality in which the Chinese government enforced the one child policy is well documented. Infanticide, forced late-term abortions, sterilization and economic fines were the blunt instrument that the government used to deprive a woman from her fertility.

Statistics on forced abortions in China:


2. Sex Ratio at Birth is perturbed.

It is estimated that in China there are about 38 million more boys than girls under the age of 20. The average global male to female ratio of reproductive age is about 1:1.

The one child policy engendered an open season against female babies, due to cultural preference to having a male baby instead of a female baby. The government introduced many policies to counterbalance such disproportion from criminalizing sex selective abortion to creating incentives to families with one girl to no avail.

Article:  Abnormal sex ratios in human populations: Causes and consequences

3. China is headed to a population implosion.

China has one of the lowest birth rate in the world. This sustained low fertility rate creates a population imbalance that has a severe detrimental effect on the sustainability of the Chinese economy. As the population ages less and less young people are available to replace the working force. The reduction of the working force against a dramatic increase in the aging population will have a severe effect on the Chinese economy.

Article: China lifts one-child policy amid worries over graying population

This is the argument made by Feng Wang, a Senior Fellow of the Brooking-Tsinghua Center in his article: Racing Towards the Precipice published published in China Economic Quarterly

The Chinese government efforts to avoid the un-intended consequences of its one child policy might be too little too late, according to many experts but is far more desirable than other alternative such as forced euthanasia, which will not significantly mitigate the economic consequences of its pending population crash.