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Wild hues paints the skies
as the sun bows to the stars

Orange teasings with red
purple playing with blue

A canvas bursting with
colors full of life!

strange and innocent
wild and indomitable

for He saved the best for last!
as if teasing the City of Lights

Will you ever see me again?


Copenhagen (Edited Version)

Copenhagen Walkboard 3 copy

Seafarer, when are you coming home?

For you sailed before dawn could
light up the skies

and anxious are the lips
waiting for you.

Time fades as the waves
caresses the shores under her feet.

Careless and oblivious
with reckless abandonment

the sun takes aim at the sea
ignoring her plead…

A hope is whisper under her lips
for the Basilica bells still ring

calling you home.