The Son

The Son (updated)

Men leading their son
to the everlasting hills…

Christening in their hearts
an indelible mark

Of how to be a man!

Rocking oldfangled cigars
racing against time.

In a minute, it will be to late,

for the sun swiftly rises
in young man’s eyes.

In an instant, over time,

along all the miles hiked
models built and stories told

of a bygone time

when men were men
and sanity was sane,

it happen.

The heart met the man.

Hands on courage!

For it is not the cigar nor
whiskey drank,

miles hiked nor models built
that makes the man

but a virtuous life lived
in front of a son’s eyes!


3 thoughts on “The Son”

  1. Great thoughts in this Poem Caleb and yes it is not the worldly things that speak wisdom but God’s inspired words passed on through the generations from father to son and from father to daughter, how very much we need to listen to every Word from our Abba Father.

    Blessings and Christian Love Always -Anne

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