Palm Sunday


“The number of marytrs’ names is increasing. The church presents martyrs everyday because our church is a church of martyrs. The Synaxaruim (Book of Martyrs) still has empty pages, but it will be written with blood, the blood of the martyrs of the Coptic church.”

Bishop Makar
Coptic Orthodox Bishop

4 thoughts on “Palm Sunday”

    1. Hi Anne!

      I hope all is well. I just log in to my account for the first time since…wow…a very long time.

      I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I have been busy at work but it has been other extracurricular activities that have kept me from logging in. As always I hope that will change!

      So sorry for the late response. For Catholic around the world Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week (the week of all weeks in our liturgical calendar). It marks the entrance of Christ to Jerusalem (Mathew 21:1-11) where he will suffer his passion and ultimately defeat death though his resurrection.

      I hope all is well! Again sorry for the late response!



      1. Thank you Caleb for sharing your focus on Palm Sunday, I have heard a few different understandings but I agree although Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, He was resurrected and we rejoice because He set us free from the Slavery of Sin and our Eternal Home is with Him in Heaven and with us having had heart repentance and believing in Him as our Lord and Saviour, putting our Carnal flesh to death and being Perfected in Love, we now show we do through the indwelling of The Holy Spirit.

        Christian Love Always – Anne.

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